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Athlete Leadership Conference

April 2, 2016 - April 3, 2016

Jill Harris sent out information on December 3rd on the Athlete Leadership Conference (if you need me to resend let me know)

There was strong interest in Athlete Leadership from quite a few Region 6 Locals after the Leadership Summit – so if you have yet submit name(s) please contact Jill in early January to discuss as space is limited.

This conference is the same week as our Regional Conference – a busy weekend but both great opportunities for athletes, coaches and volunteers.


Dates for all qualifiers have been set. Thank you to everyone who is actively working on putting all of the necessary pieces together for some great competition.

Many of you have been through many qualifying cycles. However, for those that are experiencing this for the first time I wanted to share the following information with you:

Team Sports – Composite Teams – For Locals who offer a team sport but don’t have enough players to form a team, you have the option to form a Composite Team with another Local. This would include Basketball, Soccer or Softball.

Composite teams may enter Regional Qualifiers and advance to Provincial Games. A composite team is defined as two or more Locals who do not have enough athletes to field a team coming together for competition. Athletes must be training in that sport on a weekly basis, whether separately in their home Local, or together. If any Locals are in this situation and would like to connect with other Locals please let me know.

Team Sports – Individual Skills Competition – Basketball, Soccer and Softball will include individual skills competition as well as team competition. Individual Skills competition is for athletes who are working on skill development within that sport. Provincial Games will also offer skills competition in these sports so participating athletes will have the opportunity to qualify to move forward. Athletes can register for individual skills or as part of a team, but not both.

Team Sports – Available Pick Ups – Athletes can participate in as many regional qualifiers as they are eligible for and thus have the potential to qualify for Provincial Games in more than one sport. However, if this happens the athletes will need to choose, as they can only move forward in one sport.

This can create challenges for Team Sports where you need a minimum number of original players to move forward. Based on this coaches are encouraged to carry the maximum numbers of players for each of your team sports. Should that team qualify to move forward to Provincial Games, this will allow you to potentially lose a few players to another sport and still be eligible to move forward. The eligible number of athletes pick-ups for Basketball, Soccer and Softball is 3, and for Bocce is 2.

Regional Qualifiers are for All Athletes – Please make sure your coaches are aware that ALL eligible athletes should be given the opportunity to participate in Regional Qualifiers regardless if they would be endorsed for Provincial Games or not. Endorsement will be discussed as part of the selection process upon completion of qualifiers.

Any questions about qualifiers or competition let me know


I have had a few questions about coaches who may be planning to participate in qualifiers as officials or other non coaching roles and how this affects their eligibility to apply for Provincial Games.

For coaches to be eligible to be considered for Provincial Games in the first round of selection they need to be on the coaching roster at the Regional Qualifier.

However, there are times when all coaching positions are not filled by coaches who have coached at the Regional Qualifier so not coaching would not necessarily deem them ineligible but they would be considered after qualified coaches who actively coached at a Qualifier.

I know many coaches are involved as Competition Coordinators but for the day of the competition they should be in a coaching role. If you are challenged to fill the logistical role they planned on undertaking on the day of your competition let me know and I can work with you to resolve.


April 2, 2016
April 3, 2016